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Family law matters are often rife with emotion given the issues that are at stake. It is difficult to stay objective in these situations, particularly when you are facing huge life decisions that often need to be made in a limited time frame. Having an attorney on your side that is skilled in negotiation and strategy can make the process significantly more manageable.

Goldman Law Firm, PC Attorneys

Goldman Law Firm, PC encompasses far more than divorce. It is a full-service law firm providing more than 30 years of unparalleled advice, experience and support. Whether you want assistance navigating a divorce or separation, or you’d like legal counsel with custody issues, alimony or property divisions, Goldman Law Firm, PC is here for you. Here are some of the issues we assist in:


There are two types of divorce available to residents of Maryland: Absolute and Limited. We help clients file for the type of divorce that is most applicable given their circumstances. Goldman Law Firm, PC ensures that your voice is heard and that your rights are maintained throughout the process. We can also help in the rare situation of annulment, where the court dissolves your marriage and treats the marriage as though it never happened. We also assist in mediation, a method of trying to resolve issues without a court’s intervention. Issues commonly addressed during a divorce include property division, alimony and child access. If either party is alleging abuse, there are special steps to walk through, including the examination of any injury incurred.


When couples aren’t ready for divorce, but also want legal recognition that they are apart, they may file for separation by completing separation agreements. We are adept at these arrangements, and will make sure that  your interests are protected if a separation is the route you’d like to take.

Child Custody

Courts determine custody according to “best interests of the children.” Goldman Law Firm, PC examines the information and presents it to the court on your behalf.

Child Support

Using a mathematical calculation, the courts determine child support amounts. We help prepare the documents necessary so that the court has an accurate summation of your financial standing.

Offering Compassionate and Zealous Advocacy

The professionals at Goldman Law Firm, PC are genuinely concerned about their clients and their families, and work tirelessly to ensure the best outcomes. You are invited to a consultation by calling (301) 778-1979 or by emailing the office at any time. For your sake and that of your family, choose a dedicated and experienced lawyer to represent you. Choose Goldman Law Firm, PC.

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